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China Bag Closing Thread 10/4 10/5 12/4 12/5 20/4 20/6 20/8 20/9 Polyester Spun Yarn
China Industrial Bag Closing Thread 10/4 10/5 12/4 12/5 20/4 20/6 20/8 20/9 for Fertilizer Bag, Feed Bag,Grain Bag,Rice Bag etc... View More>>
Polyester Spun Yarn 50/2,50/3 Exporting to Bangladesh,Pakistan
China Prime Polyester Spun Yarn 20/2,20/3,40/2,42/2,50/2,50/3,60/2,60/3 to Bangladesh,Pakistan,Vietnam,Indonesia,Philippine,Myanmar,Mexico,Peru,Egypt,Turkey,Uzbekistan... View More>>
Polyester Spun Yarn 40/2 60/3 to Indonesia,Vietnam,Philippines,Thailand,Egypt,Turkey
China Prime 20s/2,20s/3,30s/2,30s/3,40s/2,42s/2,40s/3,50s/2,50s/3,60s/3 Polyester Spun Yarn for Sewing,Tailoring,Quilting,Stitching,Knitting,Dyeing... View More>>
China Polyester Spun Yarn Supplier of 50/2 Optical White Polyester Yarn for Sewing, Whiter and brighter... View More>>
100% Spun Polyester Sewing Thread Manufacturing Factory with OTEX 100 Certificate... View More>>
Big Cone 40/2 Sewing Thread 40000 Meters
China Sewing Thread Factory Produce big cone Sewing Thread 20000 Meters,Sewing Thread 30000 Meters,Sewing Thread 40000 Meters... View More>>
20/2,20/3,40/2,50/2,60/3 Polyester Sewing Thread Factory
China factory produce 202 sewing thread 5000 Yards,402 sewing thread 5000 Yards,202 sewing thread 5000 Meters,402 sewing thread 5000 Meters... View More>>
Prime Quality 50/2 Polyester Spun Yarn to Bangladesh
Prime Quality polyester spun yarn 20/2,20/3,40/2,50/2 Polyester Spun Yarn to Bangladesh... View More>>
DDB Black Polyester Spun Yarn 20/2,20/3,30/2,30/2,40/2,42/2,50/2,60/3 for Sewing
Polyester Spun Yarn 20/2,20/3,30/2,30/2,40/2,42/2,50/2,60/3 black color for Sewing... View More>>
Hot Sell Sewing Thread 40/2 Big Cone 1kg,Black/Optical White
Hot Sell 202,203,402 Sewing Thread Big Cone Black Optical White... View More>>
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